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  • "Such a Beautiful Place"
  • Horse and Buggie Parked at Mystic Hill Olde Barn
    Horse and Buggie parked in front of Mystic Hill Olde Barn
  • Name
    NY's Amish Trail: Spring - 15s Commercial
  • Name
  • Mager Mountain Alpacas at WILMA
  • Serious tail waggin at Udderly Top Notch
  • Who needs a blanket when you can snuggle the source?
  • Name
    Amish Trail in Western New York State
  • Parked buggies are a common sight
  • Alpaca Spinning Demo
  • Moment of Zen
  • Admiring amazing craftmanship at a wooden toy store
  • Signs on a Telephone Post
    Amish business signs on a telephone post.
  • Rainy Day Amish Buggy in South Dayton
    Rainy Day Amish Buggy in South Dayton along NY's Amish Trail
  • We are crazy about Crias!
  • Views from the Toy Shop
  • Scenic drives
  • Amish Schoolhouse
  • Getting lots of love
  • Avinatti’s first day in a halter
  • Belgian Unicorn?
  • White Horse in Pasture
  • Lil' trip into Amish country
  • Delicious giant donut and baked goods by the Amish
  • From Amish country to Midway State Park
  • Oat shocks
  • Marshmallow and Coco
  • Love it here- so calm and peaceful at Beauty View Farm
  • My new friend Sterling
  • Road trip? Alpaca my bags!
  • Landscape after planting in Spring
  • Farm in Conewango Valley
  • Horse and Buggie
  • Name
    Amish Trail - April 2018 - For display
  • It's nice to have Amish neighbors with a 2-horsepower snow plow
  • Winter Horse & Buggy
  • Aim High Cabin: Close up Fall
    Aim High Cabin: Close up Fall
  • Boy & Work horses pulling lumber
  • Sven on Amish Buggy at Mystic Hill
  • Malinda's Candy Shop
  • Boy, berries and signage with buggy in the background
  • Shocks of oats on an Amish farm near Conewango, NY
  • Open Buggy on the Amish Trail
  • Horses in pasture
  • Roadside at Malinda's Candy Shop
  • Paul cooking pizza at Beauty View Farm
  • Nice combination of blues and reds at Beauty View Farm

Fred gave a lot of history behind the area and the customs and traditions of the Amish.  He picked out shops that he thought we would like ...

Donna from Dunkirk, NY with visitors from India
This tour was just an incredible learning experience. it was the highlight of our 30th wedding anniversary trip. I would not change a thing.
Bob & Mary from Lee, Massachusetts
We liked everything about our tour of the Amish countryside.
Joseph from Belfast, NY
We liked having a tour guide with us to explain and give details. Visiting with Amish craftsman, getting to hear their processes and procedures.
Marcia from Medford, Oregon
Pat customized the tour to the places we were interested in seeing. We visited Amish shops for candy, quilts, baskets, toys, and a few more.
Lisa from Batavia, NY