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  • Amish Schoolhouse
  • Amish man and horse retire after a day of work
  • An Amish Shop that offers repair services
  • Clothes in the breeze on the line to silo
  • Old photo of Toy Shop along the Amish Trail
  • Maple Syrup the Old Fashioned Way
  • Amish Horse and Buggy traveling down the road
We liked having a tour guide with us to explain and give details. Visiting with Amish craftsman, getting to hear their processes and procedures.
Marcia from Medford, Oregon
Liked the variety of places that we visited. We all had a good time. The baked goods were excellent and reasonable.
Linda from Hamburg, NY

Fred gave a lot of history behind the area and the customs and traditions of the Amish.  He picked out shops that he thought we would like ...

Donna from Dunkirk, NY with visitors from India
We liked everything about our tour of the Amish countryside.
Joseph from Belfast, NY
Pat customized the tour to the places we were interested in seeing. We visited Amish shops for candy, quilts, baskets, toys, and a few more.
Lisa from Batavia, NY