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strawberries, rhubarb

This business sells strawberries.

Small goat farm with a small shop that sells goat-milk fudge, soap, body creams, lotions and shampoo
Racers offers excellent food at affordable prices: Pizzeria, Fish Fry on Fridays, 46 flavors of Perry's Ice Cream, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers & more!

Pure Maple Syrup

This business is known for baked goods, greenhouse, jams and jellies. 

Amish-owned metal working shop that also offers baked goods.

leather, pickles, jams

They sell vegetables and fruits.

This business is known for parsnips and maple syrup. 

Known for cabinet making, furniture, brown eggs and rugs.

Family owned and operated Maple Farm, specializing in pure maple syrup, pure maple products, maple and chocolate confections.

Amish-owned shop offering brown eggs, butter and custom trusses.

Custom trusses, doors and screens in Napoli, New York.

Amish-owned business specializing in rugs, horseradish, strawberries, brown eggs, and flowers.

Amish-made, sweet treats; like fudge, jams, jellies, candy and more.

Quilts, candles, jelly, jams and more.


Also makes custom doors.

Char's Creations is a quaint shop offering dip mixes, wine slushie mixes, beer bread mixes, soup mixes, wooden signs, dish towels and crocheted hats.

This Amish business offers yummy baked goods.

This business is known for harnesses, horse food, and maple syrup.

This business is a fabric shop known for quilts, crafts, and eggs.

Hometown operated since 1968, South Dayton Supermarket is located in the heart of Amish Country.  They offer a unique shopping experience that combines great

Amish-owned business offering strawberries

Fresh produce, Amish-made food, flowers, and ice cream.

Lumber, custom sawing, bonnets, signs, sheds, greenhouse, baskets, annuals, perennials, vegetable plants

This business is known for rugs and brown eggs.

This business is known for homemade noodles. 


Creekside greenhouse and rustic furniture.

Custom-built sheds and baked goods

Bar and Restaurant with a pub menu, serving lunch every day and dinners on Fridays and Saturdays.
Cheese shop with dairy products, candy, and Amish-made items.
Quaint store with Amish and English made items

Variety shop in Leon, NY.

kitchen chairs, rugs, tables

Creates certified organic cheeses made from their very own cows.

This business is known for produce, quilts, and crafts.

Amish-owned business specializing in custom leather, crafts, pickles, and jams.