Barn Quilt Project

Crystal Abers and Sue Sandy with a Barn Quilt

The Amish Trail (which runs through Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties) is adding another dimension to its growing popularity. This summer, Barn Quilts are being added to the trail as well as the surrounding communities. These “Quilts” are actually single block patterns that are enlarged and painted on board that can easily be mounted to any structure, barns, and buildings or in yards. They range in size from 8’x8’ to smaller 3’x3’ yard quilts.

These giant colorful quilt blocks have been very popular in different parts of the country, particularly the Midwest. They will be an attractive addition to the Amish Trail. So along with the map that shows the English and Amish Businesses along the Trail, there will also be Barn Quilts noted with a brief history of each barn and quilt pattern the participating family has chosen for their barn or yard.

Production of these beautiful patterns is now in full swing. Very soon the Amish Trail will become an even more interesting place to visit for any afternoon drive or a weekend get-away. We invite you to enjoy this unique experience and step back in time for a look at a simpler way of life.

Freshly painted barn quilts

If anyone is interested in being a part of this project, please go to our website at or call 716-358-9701 x208 for more information.


Fred gave a lot of history behind the area and the customs and traditions of the Amish.  He picked out shops that he thought we would like ...

Donna from Dunkirk, NY with visitors from India
This tour was just an incredible learning experience. it was the highlight of our 30th wedding anniversary trip. I would not change a thing.
Bob & Mary from Lee, Massachusetts
We liked everything about our tour of the Amish countryside.
Joseph from Belfast, NY
We liked having a tour guide with us to explain and give details. Visiting with Amish craftsman, getting to hear their processes and procedures.
Marcia from Medford, Oregon
Pat customized the tour to the places we were interested in seeing. We visited Amish shops for candy, quilts, baskets, toys, and a few more.
Lisa from Batavia, NY

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