Amish Country in the Winter?

Amish Countryside December 2016

Amish Country in the Winter Time? Yes it is possible, but please note the roads may be very tricky for inexperienced drivers.  The plows do make a passing on the back roads, but perhaps only once or twice a day. 

The Countryside is beautiful in the winter, with hills and valleys full of white pristine snow.  You will see scenic views that can spread out over miles. Tips if you do decide to venture out in the wintertime are:
-Travel during the day.....There are no street lights and again Amish in our area do not use electricity.
-Take Safety Items with you.....blankets, rock salt, shovel, full tank of gas, etc.
- Stick to main roads first......Rt. 62 is pretty clear most times and has many shops alongside the road. Rt. 241 is alright, and Seager Hill Rd. can be passable with caution.

Please note, during the winter months, Amish shops can close as early as 4:00pm (it get darks as soon as 4:45pm!) If you get out there and the roads are looking too scary for you to dare....try stopping by Amish Collections in Gowanda, NY or Valley View Cheese Company in Leon, NY - not so far off the beaten path and offer Amish made goods!

This tour was just an incredible learning experience. it was the highlight of our 30th wedding anniversary trip. I would not change a thing.
Bob & Mary from Lee, Massachusetts
Liked the variety of places that we visited. We all had a good time. The baked goods were excellent and reasonable.
Linda from Hamburg, NY
Pat customized the tour to the places we were interested in seeing. We visited Amish shops for candy, quilts, baskets, toys, and a few more.
Lisa from Batavia, NY
We liked everything about our tour of the Amish countryside.
Joseph from Belfast, NY

Fred gave a lot of history behind the area and the customs and traditions of the Amish.  He picked out shops that he thought we would like ...

Donna from Dunkirk, NY with visitors from India

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