Slow Down Along the Amish Trail

Amish wheat harvest with beautiful farmhouse
Amish Buggy on the road on a sunny, summer day
Morning in Amish Country
Horse and buggy going up a hill by Miller's Leather Shop
Leon museum sign
Malinda's Candy Shop sign
Amish Farming with Horses

Slow down along the Amish Trail to find unique handiworks and learn about the culture of these people, who live separate from the modern world.

Relax and Renew

You will find yourself relaxed and renewed as your cares seem to disappear to views of farmlands, open spaces, and charming backdrops filled with sunshine.

Road Signs

Follow hand-painted signs down the side roads to the Amish businesses where you can purchase a wide variety of goods, each made with incomparable hand craftsmanship. Warning: Some roads do not have the name of the road posted.


Please remember to respect the amish peoples' privacy and personal property, and don’t photograph them, as it is against their beliefs. As you tour the enchanted countryside, drive cautiously and watch for black, slow-moving, horse-drawn buggies.