Download locations of Amish Shops

We have gathered information on Amish Businesses and participating English businesses for use in printed maps, digital maps and other digital downloads.

Map of the Amish Trail

Preview of the Amish Trail Map

Download the entire Amish Trail Map from the Enchanted Mountains OR make a request for an Amish Trails brochure and we'll mail one to you.

Download for your GPS device

The future is digital. It sounds funny but more people are using technology (GPS devices and Smart Phones) to locate Amish businesses.

Download the Amish Shops, in what is called a Points of Interest format, in any of the following formats:

Updated April 9, 2010

May be used for importing into a GPS unit. Most GPS manufacturers have POI (Points Of Interest) loaders available on their web sites.

  • Field 1: Name of business or if there was no name listed "No Formal Name"
  • Field 2: Type of business, ex: "Lumber" or "Combination of Goods" and type of products offered.

Screenshot of Google Earth with Amish Shops

Amish Shops in KML

KML files have several uses, the most popular is using a KML file for viewing locations in Google Earth and other applications. Amish Shops in KML (updated March 30, 2010)

More on Points of Interest

For more Points of Interest files for Cattaraugus County please visit

For more information on Points of Interest please visit

New York's Amish Trail - Amish Shops in CSV11.81 KB

Brochure & Map

Get your own copy of an Amish Trail brochure & map stop by:

  • any of the Amish Trail businesses
  • the Gowanda Area Chamber of Commerce located at the Northern gateway to the trail
  • the Amish Trail Welcome Center in Randolph, New York the Southern gateway to the trail

Events along the Amish Trail

  • No upcoming events available

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