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Hand made personal gifts for Christmas

Before Christmas, why spend your time rushing and running to the huge malls and department stores, trying to get that deal and use that coupon at the right place and time?  Have a much more enjoyable experience as you travel along the back roads, enjoying houses that are adorned with Christmas decorations, trees that are covered with snows, and shops that are uncrowded and welcoming.For one stop shopping try the Valley View Cheese Factory, for delicious treats, old fashioned wooden toys that are still lots of fun, or a nice warm quilt. 

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Visitors from Many Overseas Countries

During the first week of January 2012, we hosted a family of four from Sydney, Australia who selected our area for skiing, nearness to Niagara Falls, Amish proximity and accessibility to Native American sites.

Amish and English Quilt Bee

Attend an authentic quilt bee with the Amish Quilting ladies and English (non-Amish) quilters also.  Event is from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Historical Church at Leon

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