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What are the Amish doing in March?

Amishman riding a buckboard wagonThis year, March has been mild and so everyone is enjoying the warm weather. The Amish are out in their “convertibles” which are actually open buckboard-style wagons that let them enjoy the warm breezes. The picture to the left shows a familiar site in the SW part of Cattaraugus Co. looking up Seager Hill Rd.

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What are the Amish doing in February?

The fields are frozen and you will find the Amish out in the fields with their manure wagons, spreading manure and in some areas, spreading loads of corn husks on the fields. Corn husks are spread by hand using a pitch fork. The load of husks is taken out of the field by a wagon with wooden sled runners. Actually, the same sleds they used to haul ice squares last month.

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