Autumn Splendor along the Amish Trail

NY's Amish Trail Fall

Hooray for Autumn along the Amish Trail!  Discover beautiful countryside, glowing with the bright colors of the season.  Take the scenic drive along the Amish Trail for fantastic views of Amish farmers out harvesting their fields with teams of work horses under sunny blue skies.  Or how about seeing roadside stands and shops overflow with the fruits of their summer labor:  fresh homemade jams and jellies, colorful handcrafted rugs and quilts, woven baskets, handmade furniture, fun wooden toys and yummy goats milk fudge? 

Fall is the perfect time of year to slow down and "enjoy the simple life".  Fall speaks of traditions, family and preparing for the winter by enjoying the last warm days of the year.   Harvest your own new memories and traditions by grabbing the family or group of friends and adventuring along the back roads of Cattaraugus County.  You will find a sense of distance from the rush of everyday life.  Plan ahead by using the map available by requesting one online or calling 1-800-331-0543, or simply go where the Autumn wind takes you once there! 

Pick out a unique Christmas gift!  Of course there are plenty of places to shop in the cities and malls, but why stress out at those places, finding the same gift ideas year after year, when you can take your time and find an enjoyable shopping experience.  Not only are there quality items found in the Amish shops in the Towns of Randolph, Conewango, Leon and South Dayton, but there the "English" businesses in the area are just as fascinating and unique.  While you’re in the area, make stops at an Alpaca Farm like Cardinal Acres Alpacas to experience these lovely animals who may just steal your heart.  Shop at Mystic Hill Olde Barn, Randolph Retail Company or Heaven Scent/Copy Central.  Pick up the motorcycle of your dreams at Gowanda Harley-Davidson and see Amish country from a fresh perspective.   Grab a foot long and fries at Racer's Restaurant in South Dayton or enjoy a Vegan dish at the Mustard Seed Restaurant.  Information about these businesses and other "English" businesses in the area is available in the brochure as well. 

As you go along the Amish Trail to find Autumn splendor, please remember to respect their privacy and personal property, and don’t photograph them, as it is against their beliefs. As you tour the enchanted countryside, drive cautiously and watch for black, slow-moving, horse-drawn buggies.  Call 1-800-331-0543 for the map and brochure or questions you have. 

Explore behind the hustle and bustle of today's world to find the NY Amish Trail.  A place where you can take a step back in time, slow down and enjoy a simpler way of life. 


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